Turn your Leads into Clients and $$$$!!!

So you've taken my training on how to create leads, and have the leads now. Awesome. Now what? 

Now you need to turn those leads into clients. That's where the real Return on Invesment of lead generation lives. 


This lead conversion training is an hour (well, book an hour and a half timeblock ideally, in case it runs long with valuable interactive questions) and TWO one-on-one 15-min follow ups to help you cater the training after you've tried the script and concepts. 

Who is Giving the Training?

The the most amazing thing about the training is that it's not given by me (but I will be there as well to support you).  It's given by one of my actual clients who blows this system out of the water. 

Meet Catherine. In just over a year on one of my programs she converted enough business to not only pay her expenses but make a number of upgrades to her home (and y'all know how much that costs!), pay her bills and (as a single mom) take her child on her dream trip to Italy. Oh, and is building a team!!! 

She is a true real estate rockstar (and she won't like me saying that as she's far too humble). But she's no different than you. She STRUGGLED after getting into the business. But she devoted a lot of time figuring out how to make it work, because she  NEEDED it to work. And now she's sharing her formula, which has helped a lot of my clients get into the right mindset and convert these leads every day. 

If you're worried it will be a high-pressure, high-level lead training that won't relate to you, it won't be. Catherine is amazingly supportive, will work with you on your level, and her sense of humour and humility makes the training a fun and motivating experience. 

Whether you're brand new, have experience but are still struggling getting new clients--or are successful but want to learn new concepts, this training WILL help you approach things in a successful way! 

Turn $50 in leads into $5,000 in business.

This training combines what I have learned over years, feedback from clients--and most importantly, the training from one of my clients who has had major success from these leads! 

This lead-conversion training will include: 

  • How to follow up (calling, email, text, social media)
  • When and how often to follow up 
  • What to say--with this calling script you'll learn to say what, why, what to ask, etc. 
  • Learn when to 'shut up' and listen (I can't express the importance of this enough)
  • Follow up--when, why, how often and scheduling
  • How to turn a phone call into a meeting (and when to ask for the meeting and how to phrase it)
  • How to not lose momentum
  • And overall how to get at least a couple clients a month from your leads! 

Also included in this training is how to extract your exact ROI from your leads. You'll learn exactly how much you want to spend to achieve the pipeline of deals you want. If you spend X you'll get Y. Then, with the training you'll improve that number to spend less and get more.