How to Leverage FB Groups to be THE Go-To Person

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    Instructions for this course
    • How to Leverage Facebook Groups for Client Generation
    • Your Options...
    • Option 1: Join Groups and Contribute
    • Option 2: Become a Moderator
    • Option 3: Sponsor a group
    • Option 4: Take Over a Dead Group
    • Option 5: Start Your Own Group

This Course will Teach you how to Properly use Facebook Groups to:

1.    Join groups 

2.    Become a moderator in an Existing group 

3.    Sponsor a group

4.    Take over a dead group 

5.    Create your own group 

By the end you will have a Facebook group strategy to grow your friend list, become an influencer in your area, and understand overall how to turn a Facebook group into your marketing army, source for leads, source for 'street cred' and more.