I teach Realtors how to make over $100,000 a year.

You don’t need any background in lead gen…all you need is to follow my DIY courses then put in the work!

So, why if I have The Lead Gen Factory (TheLeadGenFactory.com) am I offering this e-learning, DIY platform? I know that there are genuine, great people out there who can’t afford to invest in my existing platform—whether it’s a lack of funds or from having been burned before and are afraid to move forward. And I am sick of seeing them fail when the answer is fairly simple. 

My mother and sister are Realtors—and I’ve seen their struggles. While they are doing amazing now,  I have seen them invest in things that don’t work, and take food off their family’s plates. I’ve spoken with a number of Realtors who are incredible people just like them, and just need a little guidance to build their pipeline. 

The lead-gen strategy I use for my clients at The Lead Gen Factory—and that I teach on this platform—is based on finding a genuine need in your audience and helping with that. If you like helping people, this platform is for YOU. 

Whether you’re brand new, are struggling (and that’s so many Realtors, your not alone there), or simply reached a plateau—this platform is for you. 

This program starts from the basics and will teach you to find as many leads as you can handle. Then, it will show you how to convert those leads into a solid pipeline. 


Why are they different? Different markets have different lead prices depending on competition and some ads work better in certain markets. It is often related to the housing prices...the higher the commission the more people are willing to spend on leads, but in the end that's a wash because if a lead costs more in a pricier market you make more in commissions and it evens out. BUT, you can have as many leads as you want. 


GREAT question! I take a different approach to lead-gen ads. Check out my free course on FB lead gen to learn about the 4 ads that 90% of Realtors use, that don't work.

My ad strategy is about making it about the viewer, not about you (you don't matter to them yet—they don't know you!). The ads I teach you to create are about finding a problem in your viewers and helping them resolve that. This is the authentic way to approach business generation.

Another critical difference is that other people talk about pinpoint precision audience targeting. I disagree entirely; start with broad targeting to see if a concept works, then narrow it down from there. If you start too precise and you're wrong you could have an amazing concept that you abandon because you targeted incorrectly.

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What is ROI? And Why Does it Matter?


Ads that earn you more money than you spend are A BLANK CHECK—for as much business as you can handle!  

You're going to hear a LOT about ROI on this site. Don't skip by this because it's SUPER important!!!  

1. What is ROI and why does it matter?

ROI stands for 'Return On Investment', simply put its that you make more money than you spend. If you spend $1,000 and make $10,000 that is a return on the investment you made. 

2. What is your cost per lead and why does it matter? 

Your cost per lead is how much money you spend to get one lead. When you run a FB lead-gen ad it will tell you exactly how much you are spending to get one lead. This is critical to determining your client acquisition cost (the first step in building your pipeline of deals). 

3. What is Client Acquisition Cost and why does it matter? 

My ads give you your cost per lead, which you can compare to your conversion rate to get your Client Acquisition Cost. For example, let's say you have a lead cost of $5/lead and you get 200 leads. If you get 4 clients from those leads (I can help you do better than that—although that's a decent rate) then you're converting roughly 1 in 50 leads. So if it takes you 50 leads to get a client and each leads costs you five dollars that is $5 (per lead) X 50 =$250. 

That $250 would be your client acquisition cost—and is the exact figure you need to build your pipeline. Using that figure, if you want 6 deals a month you need to spend roughly $2,100. And that $2,100 will make you tens of thousands of dollars that month. That would be 72 deals a year. 

Having said all this however, your conversion rate is the most important aspect. It doesn't matter if you pay $1 per lead if you don't convert them. 

When you have this info you simply pour the fuel (cash) on the fire to get as many deals as you need to fill the pipeline you want. BAM!

"I spent THOUSANDS in Facebook ads and gave up on them. I connected with Robin and she helped me create lead  ads that have helped build my business. Yes, she helped me get the leads, but then I had to put in hard work. Leads are the first part, but I can convert leads all day long. The missing element in my business plan was getting to the people to call—and now that I have that and things are looking bright!!!"                ~Kathy M. 

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    Absolutely you will get leads. With the lead-gen course if you follow my advice and put in the work you WILL get leads. And you'll start seeing results within a couple of days.


    This can take some time, often it's in month 2-6 that people really start converting the heck out of their leads (because many leads aren't ready to buy/sell yet, however you will see the conversations and meetings leading up to that within the first 2 months). But, combining my lead-gen course with the lead-conversion training course will help you save time and hit the ground running.